Emergency Help


With this application, we wanted to convey a strong message. Better safe than sorry!! This App helps with day-in-day-out emergency situations and gives you a way to send SOS messages to the local networks and your near-and-dear ones very easily.

Not only that, this app has so many other lifesaving and useful features to offer like a compass to find your way, Find your car in the huge parking lot, find your way back to camps while you are camping/tracking, Emergency survival, and first-aid guide, weather forecast and many more…


  • Ability to send SOS messages to near-and-dear ones and also nearby registered hospital authorities in case of emergency.
  • Huge community service support which is just a fingertip away. Apart from medical help, users can use this app for all kind of services like AC Repairing, Electrician, Carpainter, Plumber, etc.
  • Emergency survival and First-aid guide to help you make better decisions and survive while the help reaches you.
  • Find your way back or easily finding a car in a huge parking lot by simply placing a maker and tagging a place on Google Maps.
  • Weather forecast which helps you pack the right things for you while you are camping or tracking.
  • The compass works without an active internet connection, This comes handy to find your way back when you are not in-network.

Technologies Used

Technology Device Availability API Domain
iOS iPhone and iPad Laravel, PHP Emergency Help Services.

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Created by itreeni-admin | December 26, 2019 | Mobile Applications