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We take CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) very seriously and OpenCare is a live example of our commitment to society. Because of the fast lifestyle and hectic schedule, people often give less priority to health issues especially dental problems. Most of the time, they come up with an excuse that they hate waiting in long queues or office timings are overlapping to clinics’ time.

Through this web portal, we have tried to bring awareness about dental problems and also the list of dentists in their local area. This portal dynamically fetches their live location and shows a list of dentists that one can sort based on past ratings and their consulting fees. Upon selection of a dentist, the system will open a pop-up with available dates and time-slots to book an appointment. The system sends reminder emails and SMSs so that they don’t miss an appointment.


  • 4 types of users, Super-admin, Dentists, Users, and Support-staff.
  • Use of JWT to secure RESTFul API calls and OAuth for Authorizing and allowing feature access based on role-type and permissions.
  • On the user’s approval, the system dynamically tracks the user’s current location and shows the list of dentists in the nearby area.
  • Upon finalizing a dentist, the system will show Dentists address and route from his current location using Google Maps/Roads API.
  • Users can see available slots and book an appointment, System sends appointment-reminders via email and SMS for users’ convenience.
  • Ability to sort Dentists with ratings and their consulting fees.
  • Support staff to help dentists and users via ticket-based email system or via direct calls.

Technologies Used

Backend Frontend Dependency Manager Database Server Mail Server
Laravel 5.5, PHP 5.6 Angular 1.X, Bootstrap 3.x, SCSS, GULP. Composer & Bower. MySql Amazon EC2 SpartPost Mail Server

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