Amazon Web Services

Our Faster and Secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) help you establish a consistent growth for your business, along with facilitating hands-on support to your customers. As a prime consulting partner of AWS, iTreeni escalates your business’s position to the stars by employing high-end Amazon cloud computing services at a competitive price.

It’s time to embrace the technology of the future and gear yourself for our next-gen cloud hosting services.

We facilitate:

  • AWS Mobile Services
  • Backup, Storage & Disaster Recovery
  • Server & App Solution Management
  • AWS Business apps solutions
  • Business model integration
  • Enterprise IT Applications
  • AWS Application deployment services

Why Choose AWS?

AWS offers a flexible, faster, secure and budget-friendly platform for businesses to move from traditional premise infrastructure to cloud. It allows you to host all your enterprise applications, big data projects, games, and mobile apps on the cloud. Generally, It combines a comprehensive bundle of services including infrastructure and application services, which means – enhanced computing power, infinite database storage, convenient content delivery plus all the additional features required for a business’s exponential growth.

Easy Learning and Integration: Hosting applications has never been so easy. AWS allows application providers, vendors and independent software vendors to host their applications with optimized security.
Tremendous Flexibility: Through accessing the virtual environment of AWS, you can load your software and services as per the requirement of your application. It also provides the independency to select the operating system, platform, programming language, database and other services as well.
Easier On the Pocket: No signing any contract or entering through any commitments. Just select from the extended range of services and pay as per your selection.
Trustworthy: The brand ‘Amazon’ is enough to establish a copious amount of confidence among its customers.
Exceptional Performance: Amazon’s massive infrastructure facility easy computation and storage resources in a secure environment.
Scalable: Comes with a myriad of tools, elastic load balancing, and auto-scaling, allowing on-demand application scaling.
Extremely Secure: As a globally renowned brand, AWS delivers ultra-secure services by incorporating hardcore security features in physical, operational and software compartments.

Why Choose iTreeni?

iTreeni has an effective partnership with Amazon Web Services, which enables us to introduce end-to-end cloud integration and migration services by combining the sophisticated technology of AWS and the unwavering expertise of our professionals. iTreeni and AWS work side by side, allowing you to experience an upheaving performance, and unbeatable security with a well-planned infrastructure at one place.

While Amazon Web Services allows you exploring the benefit of cloud services, iTreeni empowers your operation with best practices and tools by eliminating operation complexities.

By Choosing Us, You Choose:

  • Relentless technical support from our certified AWS-trained consultants and architects.
  • Complete migration assessment.
  • Formulate cloud strategy to optimize its full benefit.
  • Infrastructure planning.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • 24X7 Customer support.

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