Server & Networking Support

As the heart of a business network, your server is the key, that allows you to manage traffic, employ security, and provides hassle-free access to crucial data, documents & application. A strong, secured and faster server promotes efficiency and contributes towards the overall growth of a business. Although, a single glitch in the system can negatively affect your time, budget and workflow. Therefore, businesses must reinforce their server with robust cybersecurity and continuous maintenance.

A sound network administration service assists you in maintaining steady business growth by fostering efficiency and fortifying security.

Eventually, your business will grow and so will be your workforce. There are times when two employees with different geographical location simultaneously work on one file or, you may even need to send a print to your client staying abroad. There are a lot of scenarios, where networking plays an integral part of your organization.

At iTreeni, we are completely dedicated to facilitating end-to-end server and networking support for multifaceted businesses at a competitive marketing price. Our onsite and online networking teams relentless monitor your critical infrastructure and renders prompt solutions in problem-solving, security upgrades, etc.

A strong server and networking is the only way to execute performance stability. However, implementing strong networking doesn’t come easy. Constant monitoring, hardware configuration, security updates, etc. not only takes up your whole time but also cause distraction from your core job.

Our Server and Networking Services Include:

Server Integration and Migration: Optimize your server speed and networking security by upgrading to our ultramodern tools. We also facilitate reliable migration of apps and data to our secure and budget-friendly cloud service.
24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting: Server negligence is the primary reason for operational IT failure. We identify all faulty components impeding your networking potential and ensure you 100% stability and security by establishing 24X7 maintenance.
Implement Secure VPN and Remote Access: We offer easy remote connectivity solution, facilitating secure and reliable remote access to company data.
Networking Configuration: Firewalls, Antivirus etc.: Our extended collection of sophisticated security tools strengthens your networking infrastructure and make it impervious from external threats.
Professional Consultation : In-house Server or cloud-based computing? Know which one suits your requirements and budget.

Our Area of Expertise:

Dedicated Team for Each Project: Pick and Create your own team from our pool of dedicated and experienced professionals.
Transparent and Budget-friendly Pricing: Quality doesn’t come with a high-price at iTreeni. Reap complete and uncompromised benefits of our expertise befitting your requirements and budget.
Quality After-Sale Services: We are happy to serve our clients with all IT related issues with our relentless support services.

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