TrainNGain is an online platform which facilitates user to improve his/her interpersonal and sales skills. The User has to register himself on this platform or can log in directly using his social media account. Once logged-in, the user can choose the topic of his interest and learn on the same. Once he is confident, he can take a quiz to self evaluate.

This web portal also creates challenges by weekly, in which all users can participate. The User has to complete tasks before the given deadline to complete the challenge. The system will go through submitted answers and declare a winner. Users can send a friend request to other users on the system and compare challenge results among friends.

In nutshell, This system motivates users to learn new interpersonal skills by giving them a sense of achievement and creating a healthy competition environment.


  • Login with social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.
  • Multi-lingual support for English and Dutch languages.
  • Enhanced Drupal’s “Feed Import” module to support data import from google docs.
  • Topic scheduler to give access to specific topics to users.
  • MailChimp integration to sync data with the database.
  • Advanced SMTP support is provided for sending email from the system.
  • Role-based system – Admin, Manager, User (Free, Economy, Premium).
  • Reg code – User can use this code on registration or after registration for upgrade role to Economy/Premium user.
  • Quiz for specific Topic with answer and feedback.
  • Leaderboard to check who is on top in Rankings.
  • Challenges where users can participate and admin declare the winner.
  • User can make friends and compare scores with each other.
  • Integrated Mautic API to track user activities on site.

Challenges We Overcome

  • Feed importer for multilingual – While we upgrade Drupal version to the latest, this feature was broken in the process. We have created a custom patch to fix so that we can use this plugin to import feeds for English and Dutch languages.
  • Enhanced Drupal’s “Feed Import” module to support data import from google docs.
  • Aegir server has its own rule for Drupal development. We have to learn to perform actions Aegir way.

Technologies Used

Backend Frontend Database Server
Drupal 7.61, PHP 5.6 HTML5, Bootstrap, SCSS MySql Aegir/

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