Quality Assurance (QA)

iTreeni is a leading international company, offering a complete range of Quality Assurance and Testing Services across the world. We deliver proactive quality assurance services to companies of all sizes. Whether you own a dynamic start-up or a midsize business or a large enterprise, we will follow you with our unbiased and unwavering assistance. We extend our complete end to end dedication, from the point of application testing to security testing while guaranteeing 100% quality improvement at a reduced cost.

We empower your IT Process Through Strategic Implementation of Futuristic Technologies.

At iTreeni, we conduct industries’ best practice in quality assurance by executing, ethical, resolute and precise solutions with the help of our skilled professionals. With an outstanding reputation in the field, our team relentless pursue to cater deliver impeccable services by adhering to a ‘never to quit’ attitude.

Considering technology, ideation, and unyielding skills as our primary tools, we perform our services by intertwining our hands with rapidly evolving technology and contemporary tools, while complying with moral grounds.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) Service Comprises:

Mobile Apps Testing:
  • We cover both native and hybrid mobile apps testing.
  • Test the functionality of apps on poor networks.
  • Impact of various gestures leading to interaction issues.
  • Identify defects on devices caused by rotation.
  • Other functional issues caused by external factors.
Web Applications Testing: We run tests of all crucial features on configurations and ensure that your users experience the best app of their life. We test applications responsiveness at great accuracy regardless of the app’s complexity.
API Testing: Utilizing sophisticated tools, we ensure the App consists of a perfect balance of maintenance and functionality. We assure you that both your internal/external consumers enjoy a flawless experience while using the API.
IoT Testing: We break down our testing devices by isolation, which includes the process of segregating them into categories like reliability, compatibility, performance, security and usability. We also test the quality and quantity of data which the IoT devices sent to servers.
Performance & Security Testing: We put your apps to test by evaluating its performance during heavy load conditions. We identify performance bottlenecks and optimize it at an early stage of development.

Our security testing includes:

  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Audit
  • Threat Modelling
  • Packaged Application Security Testing etc.

Why Choose Us?

Collective Experience: We have numerous years of experience, which allows us to work closely with industry’s professionals and we are proud to exhibit that experience in the quality of services we deliver.
Special Team: We will appoint a special team to your project including an individual project manager and experts.
One Point of Contact: We understand how annoying it is to scour through the automated voice recording to finally talk to a human. It won’t happen in iTreeni. Here, your call will directly get connected with your project head.
Faster Services: We appoint only one project to each team rather than burdening them with multiple projects. As a result, you receive prompt services within your timeframe.
Transparent Pricing: We only pay what has been promised to you. We don’t surprise you with additional charges in your final bill.

Get in touch with our team. Get a free quote today by Contacting Us or emailing us at sales@itreeni.com