UI/UX Design

Welcome to iTreeni for embarking towards an amazing journey. Our custom UI/UX Designing services lay an alluring and productive path for your company by delivering excellent services within a promised time-frame and in a reasonable budget.

Our team of professional designers assists you in developing a delightful UI/UX design by adhering to our core models (Minimalist, Intuitive and Striking). The essentiality of an ideal user-interface lies in seamlessly covering the crucial requirement of users. Our extensive presence in the field enables us to keenly understand the behavioral patterns of users, thereby, developing a product in compliance with the Human Interface Guidelines.

A powerful UI and UX is the primary driving factor for accumulating a massive amount of users and escalate the user adoption rates. Higher adoption invites more sales, which is the key to a perennial source of revenue generation. With the aforesaid strategy in mind, we follow astute market researches and carve you a design utilizing our exceptional skills and ultramodern tools.

At iTreeni, our work starts by exchanging ideas with our clients. With our expertise and your ideas, we can mold you a product that does complete justice to your Brand Identity.

In the modern technology era, you only have a few seconds to form an everlasting impression in the eyes of your potential customers. We offer you a platform to wow your customers through incorporating captivating imagery, responsive design, and a fascinating user story. We help you formulate a promising and bonding effect with your target audience by leveraging our result-oriented practices and patterns.

With our step to step approach, we create an environment that effortlessly guides your audiences towards your ultimate goal.

Our 5 Step approach towards a unique UX/UI Design:

Research Analysis: We thoroughly analyze the current trends by conducting market research along with considering your expectation, allocating appropriate resources and tools. Before starting our project, our team properly estimates the upcoming complexities by intensive interviews and extensive competitive research.
Establish Wireframe & Prototype: After designing a blueprint of your product, we largely concentrate on generating a structure to the product. We create a look and feel of the product using clickable wireframes.
Designing Brand Identity: Upon successful finalization of the layout and flow, we embellish the wireframes with essential elements like images and thematic color styles. We integrate your brand identity to the product by adding customized font styles, typography, iconography etc.
Beautifying the UI: The process involves adding charisma and panache to the product ensuring the presence of all the UI elements. This is the process where we put all your back-end functions and front interface in sync.
Testing: A product is not complete unless it is validated by end-users. We conduct multiple testing sessions and decide its efficacy by scoring it in terms of customer satisfaction, accessibility and visual aesthetics.

Why iTreeni?

Experienced Team: Team of dedicated professionals with years of combined experience.
Quality Ensured: We have set an in-house quality and development standards featuring active product evaluation, design reviews, optimum usage of advanced tools and periodical mentoring of designers.
Value for Money: We can’t promise you the lowest price in the industry, but we can guarantee you a flawless product that will worth your investment.
Highly Responsive Customer Support: Your call will be directly connected with the project head, allowing you to conduct ideation and modification in a single call.

Need help with your new project? – Feel free to Contact Us or write to us at sales@itreeni.com