Dev Ops

iTreeni focuses on transforming your organization through catering result-oriented DevOps Services. We administer our services by keeping your success and business goals as our utmost priority. We have an unwavering record of rendering impeccable services to address all your needs.

At iTreeni, we don’t consider DevOps as a mere ‘job title’ or a ‘product’. For us, it’s about upholding a promise to our customer and deliver that promise through exercising relentless commitment. We understanding the crucial aspects of infrastructure automation, coding, scripting and testing for an organization. Therefore, we have equipped ourselves with experienced DevOps engineers and assorted range of sophisticated tools, which allow us to conduct rapid application development & deployment within a promised timeframe.

At iTreeni, we have fostered an innovative work culture by promoting effective collaboration between developers and system administrators. As a result, we take extreme pride in delivering result-oriented services, which comprises a qualitative integration of skills and knowledge.

We help you reap the benefits of DevOps:

  1. Comprehensive Utilization of Value Stream: We assist you with improving your infrastructure utilization and achieve platform independence through enhancing speed, consistency and seamless deployment of service.Our process starts by analyzing the current flow of software and prepare a value stream map from the point of development till production. We measure the time consumption of each software for specific production and identify possible delays that might be impeding you from delivery faster service.
  2. Eliminate Roadblocks: All our collected data are analysed by our experts to identify current and future errors. After discovering all possible roadblocks, our team comes up with a collective solution for reinstating a strategic continuous integration to nourish operational’s efficiency and speed.
  3. Continuous Integration: Inefficient collaboration and improper coordination between developers often lead to incoherent code integration. To get rid of that code isolation, we implement high-end continuous integration tool to stabilizes the reliability of an application. Our continuous integration tool allows continuous integrations of code by developers while ensuring that the code runs simultaneously on the developer’s machine and every relevant environment.Once a developer enters a code, our powerful integration tools will fetch that code from the source repository. Then it will run effective unit tests by combining the source code of other developers and (if passes) sent it to build tool. After getting compiled by the build tool, the code will move to the deployment pipeline. If a build failed, we check the unit tests, identify the cause of failure and rectify it as soon as possible.
  4. Deployment Automation: We give you a thumbs up to release your software by improving its speed and consistency. Our continuous delivery service allows you to automatically deploy an application by running it through a series of testing stages. We make your software ready for different testing environments though employing automatic provisioning, and configuring them in a different environment.

Our DevOps Services in a Nutshell:

  • End-to-end Implementation of DevOps.
  • Assessment and Strategy Planning.
  • Tool Stack Construction.
  • Pilot Framework.
  • Management of skill, culture, tool, processes etc..

and many more.

We make your experience even better with our:

  • A dedicated team of project manager and developers.
  • Direct communication with the project head.
  • Value for money – flexible and transparent pricing.
  • Unlimited revision.

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