Cuse Challenge


The ‘Cuse Challenge encourages students to participate in campus activities and traditions throughout their time at Syracuse University. After downloading and signing in, Students can view the list of challenges. Complete challenges by following the “how to complete” instructions for each one. All challenges can be completed by taking a picture or choosing a picture from the photo gallery. Once uploaded, the student will receive confirmation that the challenge has been completed. One can see completed challenges in the feed for his/her class and check the leaderboard to see where he/she stand against his/her classmates. One can also share completed challenges with his/her friends on Facebook and Twitter or use the event calendar to see what’s happening on campus and what challenges are coming up for them to complete.


  • Students can log in to the system via social media login as well as a built-in site login.
  • The student can view upcoming challenges and participate in it. They can access photos from the phone or click a photo from the camera as proof of challenge completion.
  • The student will be rewarded with points and gifts on completing each challenge. The student can also share it on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • The student can view other students’ profile and their position on the Ladder board.
  • The app supports one-to-one and group chats for a student to chat individually and in a group.
  • The app offers a calendar view with upcoming events for a student to check-in and participate.

Technologies Used

Technology Device Availability API Domain
React Native, HTML5, Adobe Experience Manager(AEM), TypeScript iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet. Node.js, MongoDB Social Networking

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