FlippBidd is an Application which aims to provide real-estate solutions to Homeowner, Investors, Brokers and also Renters. Homeowners can list their property for lease to for sale, Investors can see list of properties for sale to invest money in, This app will benefit broker for each investor/Homeowner reference who becomes an active user on the app and make a purchase or lease a property through this application. This app also offers facilities to renters who are looking for affordable properties on rent.


  • Google Map View which shows available properties as pins on maps in different color where Red resembles properties for sale and Blue resembles properties for rent.
  • App offers a one-on-one chat module to discuss property deals with buyers and investors.
  • Property details page with all the details and photos which helps the buyer know in-and-out about a property and decide if they wish to invest/take on lease.
  • Referral bonus to Brokers who refers to a Homeowner, Investor to this site and cracks a deal using this platform.
  • Charges Homeowner to monthly subscription basis to list and advertise their property on site which he wishes to put on the lease.
  • Supports multiple payment options including PayPal, Amazon Pay or Stripe.

Technologies Used

Technology Device Availability API Domain
Native Android Android Phone & Tablet Node.js, MongoDB Real Estate

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Created by itreeni-admin | December 22, 2019 | Mobile Applications