MySql, MongoDB, PostgreSql

As a prominent web development company, Itreeni accommodates ardent solutions for valuable clients of leading sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, finance, transportation and many more.

As the heart of every business; DATA plays an integral role in – supporting daily business processes, generating revenues, and innovating contemporary market strategies. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to integrate reliable and manageable databases for your business’s consistent growth. Our years of services in the field enable us to facilitate essential database development solutions to streamline your organizational workflows.

Our Service Includes:

  • Database Designing and Development
  • Database Repair and Performance Optimization
  • DataBase Upsizing
  • Database Debugging and Repair
  • Data Migration
  • Device Integration with Database
  • and many more.

MYSQL is an open-source relational database appreciated for its security, cost-effectiveness, manageability, and compatibility in all major hosting platforms. The exceptional data security and robust transactional feature of MYSQL promote reliability among users.

Some Unique features of MYSQL?

  • Allows integrating highly secured gateways in your websites promotes data integrity by facilitating a safe financial transaction for your customers.
  • Offers unmatched scalability allowing you for efficiently managing deeply embedded applications and storing an enormous amount of data.
  • Unlimited availability of cluster servers and master-slave replication configurations that help you eliminate workplace redundancy by allowing uninterrupted accessibility.
  • Safeguard your valuable databases through establishing safer connections through utilizing power data encryptions, SSH and SSL Supports.
  • Enables real-time performance monitoring enabling users instantly troubleshooting operational issues.

MongoDB is a non-relational database used for storing data in binary representations known as Binary JSON or BSON. MongoDB is one of the most widespread nonrelation database technologies developed for handing big data applications and relevant processing jobs. Instead of using rows and tables like relational databases, MongoDB uses a structure of collections and documents. It empowers the developer to add new fields to documents, without updating a central system catalog or logging off from the system.

Some Unique features of MongoDB:

  • Supports easy storage of arrays and complex structures by establishing hierarchical relationships in documents.
  • Allows faster access and analyzation of complex data by using ad-hoc queries, rich indexing, and real-time aggregation features.
  • Grants writing more than one fields in a single operation beside allowing hassle-free updates to sub-documents and arrays.
  • Facilitates multi-document transactions which permit developers for efficient scaling and placing data by combining the ACID guarantees of traditional relational databases with intelligent distributed systems for.

PostgreSQL or Postgres is an open-source RDBMS designed for handling extensive workloads ranging from single machines to data warehouses and web services. Many businesses across the world recognize PostgresSQL as a powerful and cross-platform compatible DBMS encompassing features to integrate with a long array of web application frameworks like .Net, Java, Python, PHP, etc.

Some Unique features of PostgreSQL

  • Comprises unique features like OpenAPI, Sequences, Inheritance which are unavailable in a commercial database like MS SQL Server.
  • Comes with default database compression feature which saves your space and money.
  • Supports ACID properties guaranteeing data validity during errors, power failures, etc.
  • Promotes a variety of replication methods such as Streaming Replication, Slony-I, and cascading.
  • Geographical data storage is possible by using unique extensions like PostGIS, DBLink, etc.

Why Choose iTreeni for Front-End Development?

We understand the value of Data: A DBMS is not only meant to store the name, address, and Salary of employees but it serves a greater purpose. We create a DBMS that supports convenient storage of all kind of data.
Suffer no Data Loss: We incorporate ACID properties in our DBMS development process; enabling you to efficiently modify your data without losing anything. For example: If you update the salary information of an employee, we ensure you won’t face any data duplication or mismatch of employee information.
Address complexity as a champ: We promise you a DBMS that accurately reflects the complex relationship between data that promotes efficiency and accuracy.
We got your data’s back: We integrate Continuous data protection (CDP) that creates an instant backup every time you make a change.
Safeguards data integrity: Develop a strong and impenetrable DBMS conforming reliability and quality of your stored data.
All hands on deck: Develop a secure database allowing multiple users access without any hassle.

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