MEAN Stack

MEAN encompasses a full-stack development toolkit supporting robust development of web applications. Generally, it includes a collection of JavaScript Technologies including the client to the server to the database.

iTreeni is a prestigious MEAN Stack Development Service Provider Company comprising a team of experienced software engineers. As a leading MEAN Stack development company, our prime focus remains on delivering uncompromised services with the help of our esteemed developers.

All our developers are proficient specialists who persistently stay beside you in all stages of web applications’ development.

Our MEAN Stack Developers displays immense proficiency in:

MongoDB: As an open source database management system, MongoDB uses a document-oriented database model supporting high volume data storage coming under NoSQL Database.
Express.jS: An Extensible Framework for Node.js works as the backend part of MEAN Stack. Express.JS assists in building single-page, multi-page and hybrid web applications.
Angular.js: It is a popular framework among developers providing rich interactive features for developing single-page real-time applications.
Node.js: As a reliable JavaScript runtime’s platform, it contributes easy development of faster and scalable network applications. It features an event-driven & non-blocking I/O model for developing lightweight, efficient and data-intensive real-time applications.

Our comprehensive mean stack development services include developing application server, along with incorporating several technologies & frameworks and successfully running the client code in the browser.

Our Developers possess years of experience in:

  • Front end and back end processes
  • Efficiently working with HTML and CSS
  • Expertly operating with large databases
  • Utilizing programming templates and architecture design guidelines
  • Advanced applications’ profiling and optimization

Apart from possessing all the above-mentioned requirements, our mean stack developers also convey a lot of essential qualities on the table including:

  • Strong Analytical Mind
  • Superior Creative Skills
  • Meeting client’s requirement before deadlines
  • Fulfilling services by paying critical attention to details
  • Precise communicative skills

Our work consists of evaluating the demands of our clients in an objective manner and solving the tasks ahead of schedule. As a leading mean stack development company, we concentrate on meeting the client’s specification by employing contemporary and sophisticated technologies.

Our end-products runs through a series of compilation processes before introducing the end-product to our clients.

Our success relies on the satisfaction of our clients. As a reason why we strive to exceeds your expectation by featuring more than one technology in our work. Along with that, we also concentrate on gaining a strong insight into internal tricks and peculiarities in the development process.

How choosing Itreeni can make a difference?

Smart I3 Approach: At Itreeni, we pay specific focus on the foundations of each project we receive. Therefore, we have incorporated the I3 (Inspiration – Intelligence – Innovation) approach to all our digital services. At Itreeni, we work persistently to realize your ‘Big Picture’ through implementing advanced strategies and breakthrough ideas.

Extensive Techno-Functional Experienced Developers: A Mean Stack Developer needs to employ several strategic decisions before starting a project. The success of a project not only relies on the knowledge of the developer but also the aptitude and inventive skills of the developer. One should work with an intention to achieve the ‘Big Picture’ which is achieved through an out of the box thinking.

One-stop Solution: We offer comprehensive and custom-made solutions to multifaceted organizations catering to the requirement of our clients.

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