Hybrid Applications

iTreeni has a robust presence in the market offering reliable hybrid mobile application development services to small and medium scale companies. Our cross-platform application development service facilitates an ingenious range of smart applications on multiple platforms by using advance tools like React Native, Xamarin, IONIC, PhoneGap, etc.

With a combined industry experience of numerous years – our team are efficiently equipped for catering all your mobile app development requirements, by leveraging state-of-the-art technology in the respective domain. We deliver a value defining hybrid mobile app by intensely exploring essential web development technologies like JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. We ensure you on-time deliverance of an incisive end-product through amalgamating ultramodern technologies and high standard services.

What are Hybrid Applications?

A Hybrid Application is harmonious incorporation of a Native and a Web Application. The core of the app comprises of web technologies, which are then integrated with a native application. These applications own complete access to all essential features of mobile devices via the combination of dedicated plugins.

We empower your apps by merging popular frameworks like:

React Native is a cross-platform app, developed by Facebook which permits developers to create mobile apps with React and Native platform.

Why React Native?

  • Optimize performance: It connects the native components between two OS and generates a code within a whiff. It uses different thread from Native APIs and UI, which enhances the performance of your apps.
  • Limits redundancy and money: Its code reusability feature allows developing one single app that works on both platforms. No need to spend money on separate apps.
  • Promotes innovation through synergizing multiple minds: It is a community-driven technology, with a vast number of members. Developers can exchange innovative ideas which result in introducing unique features.
  • Faster App with responsive design : As an open-source JavaScript Library, it let you develop an ideal app with reduced loading time and responsive UI Design.

Ionic is one of the most preferred SDK for developing mobile apps for multiple platforms and seamlessly installing them on Windows, iOS and Android Phones. Our hybrid mobile apps carry a strategic blend of Ionic Framework including Angular JS.

Why Ionic?

  • Single Codebase: As a single codebase framework, apps created on ionic offers easy maintenance, faster bug removal, and faster assimilation of new features.
  • Interactive User Interfaces: Allows prompt addition of key components like sliding menus, lists, buttons, navigation tabs etc. to make the interface highly interactive for your audiences.
  • Faster Development: Permits Hassle-free and free customization of looks and feels without the obligation of rewriting codes for a new operating system.
  • Phenomenal Compatibility: Offers excellent compatibility while developing apps for all popular mobile operating systems.
  • Based on Angular: Facilitate One-touch integration with Angular JS, making room for employing superior code structure.

PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) is open-source and collaborative software created by Nitobi, later purchased by Adobe Systems in 2011. It contributes towards developing flawless native apps for a specific platform without any compromise in features.

Why PhoneGap?

  • Great Enterprise App: Enables developers to seamlessly link mobile devices with applications by using standard web technologies. Since the code runs in all important platforms, it also saves valuable development time.
  • Cloud Storage: Enhance your business prospects by aiding unlimited access to cloud storage.
  • Highly compatible: Supports JavaScript toolkits like JQuery Mobile, Dojox Mobile and Sencha Touch.
  • Supports Modular Development: Comes with a plug-in architecture allowing developer in adding a large number of functions.
  • Unrestricted Accessibility: Provides easy access to mobile hardware such as address book, camera, accelerometer etc.

Xamarin is a cross-platform framework that allows rapid mobile app development for Android, OS X, iOS, and windows using C# and Visual Studio. The framework allows code sharing between Android and iOS app, along with offering all features of Native UI, Native performances, etc.

Why Xamarin?

  • Save time and efforts: Grants reuse of 90% codes for developers, saving valuable time by significantly shortening your product development lifecycle.
  • Limits coding errors: Helps to avoid flawed programs by supporting C#- type friendly programming language which eradicates the need for boilerplate or verbose type annotations.
  • Facilitates RMAD: Its RMAD (Rapid Mobile App Development) capabilities enable faster app development by using forms libraries.
  • Native User experience : Allows C# coding which converts UI components into platform-based elements, delivering a native UI design and experience.
  • Roll out faster updates: It supports Java, Objective-C and Swift that empowers developers to update your app as soon as an OS update is introduced.

Enhance Your Experience with iTreeni

Since our establishment, Itreeni remains at the forefront for developing customer-centric hybrid mobile apps that offer seamless compatibility with all devices and operating systems including Android & iOS etc.

Faster Development at Lower Budget: Leveraging the benefits of open-source platforms; our developers stay close to sophisticated and relevant technologies for delivering a high-end app within a short time frame and a limited budget.
Help You Gain Competitive Advantage: We place you ahead of your competitors by equipping you with a tailor-made hybrid app by integrating features as per current market demands to give you ahead from your competitors.
Futuristic Solutions: Our team of analysts conduct periodical historical analysis and trend analysis of the market based on individual sectors. We assist you in reaching the right decision by providing affordable and result-oriented solutions.
Single Point Contact: With our single point of contact, you don’t have to call individual departments to raise your queries and concerns.

Let us assist you in estimating your business requirements. Please Contact Us or send mail at sales@itreeni.com