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Result-Driven Native App Development Services

A multi-channel presence in the digital environment is the key to opening the door of timeless success. As a business person, you must explore all opportunities to manifest your presence in these channels and unearth obscured potentialities to discover valuable customers.

The mobile industry has undergone exponential growth of 45 percent in mobile app downloads over the last five years. While it was 178 billion in 2017, it is projected that the number will touch 258 billion by 2022.

With every adult in the world owning a personal smartphone, mobile applications have now become the most powerful tool for contacting with target audiences. Developing a Native Application for your business is an ideal and smart way to delve into the evergreen mobile ecosystem.

What is a Native Application?

Native applications are software programs, built for a specific device and its OS. As these applications utilize device-specific hardware and software, it allows the developer to leverage the peculiarities of latest technologies and combine them within an application.

For example – if you intended to develop a native Android app, then that app will have the ability to explore all the features of the Android Operation System.

What do we offer?

Our team at iTreeni owns a collective experience of 7+ years by working closely beside prestigious organizations from all fields and sectors. Our strong marketing presence has enabled us to understand current marketing demands. Our team runs an effective forecasting methodology by combining historical analysis and current marketing trend. As a result- you receive a highly optimized iOS and Android App that keeps you ahead of your competitors.

Our app development products include:

Promotional Apps: Promote a particular product or service for highlighting brand awareness, heightening revenue and encouraging brand loyalty.
Enterprise Tools: Improve your internal operations, encourage customer/employee engagements, and transform your overall business process.
Financial Apps: Create an app featuring high-end security, reliability, and quality in compliance with industry regulations.
Social Connection Apps: Explore all possibilities to connect with potential clients and strengthen client-consumer relationships.
Digital Platforms: Extend your brick & mortar business to a digital platform. Excavate the unexplored zones by jumping on the digital bandwagon to explore the endless marketing possibilities.

Below are the reasons why iTreeni enjoys superiority in the app development sector?

  1. Develop a contemporary native app from scratch: Our team proficiently develop high-end mobile apps by integrating sophisticated features considering the requirements of the dynamic marketplace.Our team proficiently develop high-end mobile apps by integrating sophisticated features considering the requirements of the dynamic marketplace.
  2. With our apps you can seamlessly integrate features like:
    • Newsfeed
    • Exclusive Features
    • Special rates
    • Promotions
    • Product Specifications and many more
  3. Promotes convenience and consumer loyalty: We hold a proven track record of developing responsive and optimized Android and iOS apps to expand your customer engagement. Our developers empower your app by employing:
    • One-click signup
    • Hassle-free sign-in
    • Faster payment gateway
    • In-app product browsing

    Capitalize the essentials of our services with our mobile apps which are faster, easier and simpler to operate.

  4. Enhance customer engagement: We can turn your app into a social platform by introducing outstanding features. Users can easily share their pictures, video clippings and comments from popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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