MVC [Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP]

iTreeni delivers high-end web development solutions for multifaceted companies across the world by consolidating sophisticated technologies and skilled professionals in the 21st-century marketplace. Our team focuses on rendering result-oriented web, cloud, and mobile-based web applications through embracing phenomenal technological expertise and domain knowledge in MVC Architectural Pattern.

The perks of implementing MVC Model in your web applications?

MVC is a software architectural pattern used for implementing user interfaces on computers. It separates a software application into three interlinked parts (model, view, and Controller) allowing separate internal representations of information which are presented or accepted to/from the user. Each of the three components handles each aspect of a web or software application.
The controller is responsible for receiving all requests for an application. Then it directs the model to prepare any information requested by the view. All the data prepared by the controller is used by the view before delivering the final output.

MVC Model supports:

  • Rapid and parallel web application development
  • Multiple views and limits code duplication by separating data and business logic from the display
  • The asynchronous technique for developing faster loading applications
  • Flawless integration with PDF files, desktop widgets, and site-specific browsers
  • Essential modification of web application without affecting the entire architecture
  • Robust development of SEO friendly web pages and applications

Laravel is an open-source PHP web application framework used for developing MVC based applications. It is considered as the next generation PHP application framework that enables you to create highly scalable and flexible, enterprise-grade web applications, eCommerce solutions, and SaaS-based businesses.

  • Eliminates injection attacks with prepared SQL statements
  • Simplifies Authentication Logic and control access to several resources
  • Only PHP Frameworks with object-oriented libraries and pre-installed libraries
  • Promotes a hassle-free database migration
  • Consists of Blade Templating Engine
  • Facilitates responsive interface development
  • Saves time by eliminating any alias setup process through accommodating automatic package discovery

Codeigniter is a powerful, flexible and secured framework used for developing error-free web applications. The framework includes numerous security features which help in safeguarding your website from threats.

Codeigniter helps developers’ in

  • Saving precious time by allowing faster upgradations and customizations with ease
  • Executing a flawless integration with MVC architecture
  • Easier installation of framework, thus eliminating time redundancies and promotes efficiency
  • Working with excellent security options by default (eradicates all security issues)
  • Experiencing a User-friendly interface

CakePHP is a modern PHP 7 Framework providing easy development, deployment, and maintenance of applications. The flexible database access layer and powerful scaffolding system in CakePHP promotes faster and easy development of small and complex systems.

CakePHP helps you with:

  • Creating a Search engine friendly URL’s
  • Building prototypes using code generation and scaffolding features
  • Easy setup of a database without following complicated XML or YAML files
  • Creating a trustworthy web application (licensed under the MIT license)
  • Building quality web apps with in-built features
  • Develop secured web applications with built-in tools like CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, XSS prevention, and input validation.

Our comprehensive MVC Development covers:

  • Advanced Web Solutions
  • Enterprise Business Apps
  • Games & Development
  • Social Networking & Social Commerce

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