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There are many web portals which creates websites in few clicks but what about regular backups? Sitesafe solves that problem for you!

Sitesafe is designed especially for a non-technical audience who are managing their sites by themselves and want to take regular back-ups. User first needs to register and purchase a space with Sitesafe. Once done, User has to provide FTP details of website(Which he wants to back-up regularly) and choose a back-up duration. The system will first validate and notify a user if provided FTP details are not accurate. On successful form submission, the system will take regular back-ups and creates a restore point for each backup. At any point, if the need arises, User can set the system back to that restore point.


  • Login with different social media accounts like Facebook and Google+.
  • Paypal recurring payment integration.
  • Validates FTP credentials and performs one-way encryption on credentials before storing to the database.
  • Providing restore points so when clicked, it actually restores files on given FTP account.
  • Email notification if allowed space is utilized 80% or more.
  • Implemented REDIS cache to minimize load on the server and improve response time.
  • compressing back-up files and making it password protected.

Challenges We Overcome

  • Implemented recurring payment using Paypal.
  • Build a script that validates if provided FTP details are valid or not. The system will display an error if details are not accurate.
  • Generate zip of back-up files and make it password protected.
  • Space Optimization. So next time system will only fetch modified files compare to the last backup.

Technologies Used

Backend Frontend Database Server
Yii , PHP 5.5 HTML, jQury, AJAX. MySql Amazon EC2 and S3 bucket for CDN.

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Created by itreeni-admin | October 16, 2018 | Web Development