Visit Mexico


In developing its tourist industry, the Mexican government had three main goals:
1. earning foreign exchange,
2. creating employment,
3. diverting internal migration toward tourism development poles.

iTreeni had joined hands with the Mexican government to develop Drupal based CMS solution which showcases tourist places, list of activities that can be performed on different places and also help tourists plan their trip.


  • Multilingual website to increase audience reach.
  • Prepared fully responsive web design to enhance the mobile browsing experience.
  • Complex Google map operations for eye-catching and easy-to-use “Play your trip” feature.
  • Database optimization to get faster results and improve turn around time.

Challenges We Overcome

  • Hard to understand the requirement in the absence of common language to communicate.
  • Handle major data import/export operation of DB.
  • Work with a virtual team and yet stay 100% productive.
  • Complex Google maps operations to enhance the viewer experience.

Technologies Used

Backend Frontend Database Server
Drupal 7 , PHP 5.5 HTML5, Bootstrap 3.x, Google maps. MySql Amazon EC2

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