Looking for Construction and Drilling tools on the fly? Let Rocbo help you. Rocbo sells tools that are essential for construction or drilling and covers the whole Netherland region. Let it be a small hammer or a big-sized drilling tool, this site offers an all-in-one solution for the construction of big-fat malls or drilling of bore-well.

Rocbo understands and has taken a step to remove the language barrier hence it offers multi-lingual options in Dutch and in English. Users can easily place an order by signing up on the site, selecting a tool of choice and completing check-out formalities.


  • Admin area to maintain in-house stock, orders, Reports to calculate and compare sales through this portal, and handle customers’ inquiries and complains.
  • Consumer area to sign-up and order a tool of his choice which helps and reduces the construction workload.
  • VAT option available to take rebate annually on total purchase through this site.
  • The site has developed and supports Multi-lingual options in Dutch and English versions.
  • Multi-currency support enables its users to pay in either Euro and USD.
  • Reports to compare and calculate purchases through this web portal in the specified date range. This helps admin to in tactical decisions in investing and maintaining product stocks.
  • Send notification to Admin if stock of any product goes below a critical quantity set by admin. This ensures the site will never go out-of-stock and Admin is informed well in advance to fill in product stock.

Technologies Used

Backend Frontend Database Server
Magento 2.x Require.js, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, jQuery MySql Amazon EC2

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