WordPress Blog Website v/s Blogger Blog

Posted by Rahul Dhokia | September 6, 2017

Blogger is the blogging platform provided by Google. There are lots of ongoing arguments about which is better.
Our view is that they simply suite different needs.

Blogger is free, it is connected with Google account and connected with all of Google’s social platforms like Google+ and more. The big thing is, you can monitor your blog traffic with Google Ad-sense and ads. So, we can say Blogger is perfect for hobby-bloggers.

But if you are thinking about serious business, you will need a real website where you do have all control of it. WordPress is fully capable of benefits of Blogger but in addition, it can be enhanced with plugins, themes and widgets. The choice of designs is incomparably bigger and you have direct access to your website’s file or code.

Conclusion is self-hosted WordPress is a real website with your personal named and Blogger is just a blogging platform.

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