Posted by | September 18, 2017
Laravel: Eager loading

First, Lets understand why eager loading come in to existence! To understand nature of this problem, I am taking an example of below Laravel code. $users = User::take(5)->get(); it will...

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Posted by | September 12, 2017
Laravel – Seeders

Why Seeders are important While a project is in development phase, developers have to drop and re-create all database tables in development life-cycle. php artisan migrate:refresh Laravel provides command line...

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Posted by | September 11, 2017
Laravel – View Presenters

Developers often come across such problems while developing min-to-large scale applications, that they have to put "view concerned logic" into model files and that makes model lengthy and mix-up entity...

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Posted by | September 5, 2017
Laravel: Database Query Optimization.

Laravel comes up with Eloquent and enables developer to make complex queries with ease. This refrains developers from checking what actually happens behind the scene. But if we don't take...

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Posted by | September 4, 2017
Laravel: Boost performance on production

When we deploy laravel application on production, performace of an application becomes highest priority. Real users are going to use application and site may loose interest if it takes time...

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