Rukmi Patel

Posted by | April 9, 2019
Comparing Full Stack V/S MEAN Stack approach

The web and mobile app development services have stepped up to next level in last 5 years. Web and apps are all built utilizing a ‘stack’ of various technologies like...

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Posted by | September 6, 2018
Headless Drupal or DeCoupled Drupal

Now a days, front-end technologies like Angular, React.js, Backbone.js etc have started attracting audience because of its advantages over traditional rendering approach. Server side frameworks like Laravel, Node.js have already...

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Posted by | September 20, 2017
Laravel 5.5 – Collection Dumping.

Laravel 5.5 has introduced 2 new methods on collections class which makes debugging easier than before. Lets take example of simple collection setup and pipe through some filters. collect([1,2,3])->map(function($i){ return...

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Posted by | September 18, 2017
Laravel: Eager loading

First, Lets understand why eager loading come in to existence! To understand nature of this problem, I am taking an example of below Laravel code. $users = User::take(5)->get(); it will...

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Posted by | September 11, 2017
Laravel – View Presenters

Developers often come across such problems while developing min-to-large scale applications, that they have to put "view concerned logic" into model files and that makes model lengthy and mix-up entity...

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Posted by | September 4, 2017
Laravel: Boost performance on production

When we deploy laravel application on production, performace of an application becomes highest priority. Real users are going to use application and site may loose interest if it takes time...

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Posted by | August 27, 2017
Laravel 5.5 – New Features – Part 2

php artisan migrate:fresh We all are familiar with refresh command. This will allow us rollback and re-run all migrations. This helps when we need to re-build database in development. Coming...

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Posted by | August 27, 2017
Laravel 5.5 – New Features – Part 1

vendor:publish gets provider prompt. Till now, Vendor:publish command publishes everything it finds including configs, views, migrations, and more. But from Laravel 5.5, when we run this command without any flag...

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Posted by | August 23, 2017
Laravel 5.5 – Package Auto Discovery

How we were doing Package installation in Laravel 5.4 Till Laravel 5.4, We were following standards steps to install and use package in Laravel Project. Install the package. Register the provider in...

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Posted by | August 13, 2016
Getting started with CodeIgniter Hook

 Getting started with CodeIgniter Hook:- CodeIgniter provides one feature called “Hook” that can tap into and modify the inner workings of the framework without hacking the core files. For example,...

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