iTreeni manifests itself as a trustworthy platform by offering seamless development of captivating websites and responsive web applications. Our custom web development services enhance your Organization’s image by incorporating contemporary infrastructure and refined methodologies. With years of experience in the field, our PHP and HTML 5 developers deliver real-time custom web-based applications and websites within a low time frame without compromising our quality of end-products.

We facilitate dynamic PHP based web development by employing core PHP and HTML5 technologies.

What is Core PHP?

Also known as ‘basic PHP’, developers use core PHP for creating complex and dynamic web pages without utilizing any extra ‘library’. Which means, we believe in developing webpages and applications from scratch rather than using ‘PHP frameworks’.

Core PHP vs PHP Framework

A PHP Framework offers a structure for developing web an application. Developers uses PHP Framework for saving their crucial time without typing repetitive code.

A core PHP is used by developers to start an application from scratch. Although PHP Framework offers speed, it also poses some structural limitation for the developers. Therefore, its crucial for a developer to have in-depth experience in Core PHP. At iTreeni, all our PHP Developers carry extreme proficiency in developing Core PHP Structures to deliver a framework that offers uniqueness to your Brand.

Uses of PHP:

PHP is compliant with all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, RISC OS and many more. Besides, PHP has established its presence in several web servers including Apache, IIS, etc. It is also utilized with web servers with Fast CGI PHP binary, Lighttpd and Nginx.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the most advanced rollout version of Hypertext Markup Language comprising three types of code: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The arrival of HTML5 has eliminated the need for integrating additional software and browser plugins to play music, videos, apps, presentations, pdf files.

What do we offer?

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Seamless Integration of core PHP and HTML5
  • Experts of MVC Pattern
  • SEO Friendly
  • In-time Delivery without compromise in quality
  • Multi-device & Cross-browsers’ Support
  • Multilingual Support(Both LTR and RTL languages)
  • Secure Backup

At iTreeni we strive to facilitate a pleasant experience to our customers by prioritizing your requirement and work relentlessly to exceeds your expectations.

What you will receive?

Unbeatable Experience: All our professionals hold extreme experience in their respective field of works. Our developers possess an exceptional track record of catering state of the art website and app designing services since our inception.
Affordable Service: The motto of our services is to build a loyal customer base by facilitating optimum quality services at an affordable cost rather than lining our pockets with unreliable promises. We only promise what we can deliver!
Customized Solutions: Abiding by our client-oriented mission; we entirely dedicated our focus on delivering outstanding tailor-made service adhering to the necessity of our clients. Either you require our comprehensive package or need a part of our services, we deliver them to you within the promised time-frame.
FREE tech support: We are always there for you to address your every query.

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